Know More About Managing a Practice

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Successful practice management is based on its own set of principles and procedures. When these principles and procedures are known and put to use, a dental practice thrives and prospers. When they are not, growth can stagnate, staff conflicts can arise and revenue and profitability are likely to suffer.

Sterling’s philosophy is to equip the owner with the know-how needed to successfully manage his or her own practice. Our courses each focus on a key aspect of practice management ranging from finance and profitability to getting more new patients to increasing staff production and efficiency, just to name a few. The specific courses you take will depend on your customized consulting program and the special areas of the practice you wish to address. Staff training will also be recommended.

sterling glendale course room

Practice management courses are delivered in the Sterling academy, a pleasant and spacious course room with professional instructors who are there to make sure clients get the most out of the information they are studying. Each course includes ample practice exercises so you know how to apply what you’ve learned to your practice. Most courses range from ½ day to 4 days in length. Staff training can also occur on site, at your practice.

Sterling’s management training gives you the knowledge and tools you need to have a better practice for a better life.