Personnel Manual

A manual for CEOs

Sterling Practice Management Personnel Manual

Personnel: Your Most Valuable Resource or Greatest Burden describes the basic principles of personnel management to help create a smoother running practice. Written by Kevin Wilson, Sterling’s Chairman and CEO, this booklet contains three decades of experience distilled down into one easy read.

  • How to motivate staff for increased productivity
  • How to find and hire the right people for the practice
  • The qualities of “employable” versus “unemployable” personnel

Written by a CEO for practice CEOs, this booklet can be worth untold thousands in increased productivity.

“Forty minutes into the booklet, I made two major decisions that changed the very core of my practice. I ordered a dozen more for my closest friends. Great job on putting so much important information in such a short read.”

“The answers begin with the application of the material in this publication. Once one begins applying these simple, practical, concise principles, magic begins to happen! It has for me.”

“This booklet is a must for any practice hiring new staff, motivating existing staff and even keeping a successful practice! It will save a practice a ton of money and heartache and the principles are easy to implement. Take it from a dentist who has made a few mistakes, get this booklet and eliminate your staff problems! Make your staff your greatest asset.”