No other practice management advisors in the world has been as successful as Sterling. Our success is measured by the success of our clients—not just in their practice, but in their personal life and their community. With restored balance in their lives, our clients have the time and energy to devote to their families, recreation, travel and the pursuit of additional goals and dreams.

Real life successes from our Veterinarians

Garry Gotfredson, DVM

Jim Gill

After working as an associate in a multi-doctor practice, I bought a practice of my own from a retiring veterinarian. I went from working in someone else’s practice to owning my own, and being its only doctor. I was completely unprepared for the workload ahead of me.

I had to perform too many duties myself. Although I had been a swim coach for 110 kids, I had trouble managing 4 staff. I worried that asking too much might result in them leaving so I did a lot of the work myself. Things just got worse.

Working seven days a week plus the “homework” of ownership caused high stress and little time for my family. As a result, I resisted seeing more patients which inhibited our growth. The basic problem was I didn’t know how to manage a practice. I was good at organizing and leadership-minded, but I was missing the overall management know-how. When I heard about a Sterling workshop, I attended with my staff. After receiving a consultation, I signed up for their program, never suspecting how much it would change my life.

Sterling taught me how to be an executive which is very different from being a veterinarian. Like veterinary medicine, being an executive has its own rules and responsibilities, and its own approach to issues in the practice such as making staff productive.

I had seen other consulting companies and coaches offer quick fixes or mini-solutions to problems on the fringes of a practice. By contrast, the Sterling program provided a solid foundation on which to manage my practice and gave me the tools to do so. Now I am in control of the practice instead of it controlling me.

Since starting with Sterling, my production and collections have increased by 600% and my profitability by 500%. Additionally, I’ve been able to build a state-of-the-art facility for my patients. Better yet, I have a life again. With a team of competent, caring staff and veterinarians, I’m able to take 6 to 8 weeks of worry-free time off every year and enjoy a more relaxed weekly schedule. If any of this hits home, contact Sterling for their management DVD. They were the solution to the overwhelm and overwork of my practice.

Jim Gill, DVM

Garry Gotfredson

One of the things that Sterling does is they help us find people that are motivated. They also give us a testing system, that we would like to use more, that says, OK, are these guys going to be top-notch employees?

We already want to hire a “10” employee and then just train them on the job. And so one of the things that they’ve helped us do is find that “10” employee, and if they’re not a number 10, like—pass. Management by statistics went hand-in-hand with kind of how my mind works. As business owners, we look at these numbers: are they hitting the projection that we want so that we can be successful? Are we collecting as much as we’re billing out? And by tracing those, we can look at it and take the temperature on our practice and fix before it crashes or gets sicker, and bring it back up to where we need it to be.

And our consultant with Sterling helps us and guides us through that. We’re open and we keep the statistics known so the staff is fully aware of what we’re doing, and that has made it like a game, an overall game, so everybody knows exactly where we stand, by our statistics, where they stand as an individual, and how they can help our business. Our consultant we’ve had, we met her, you know, on one of the first days that we signed up for the program. She is in touch with us, I’d say, every two weeks. We make contact—whether it takes 30 minutes, two hours, whatever the time is that we need. We address every concern.

Our success is their success. And they truly want to help you as an individual. Yes, they want to see your business grow. They want their business to grow, but on a personal level, they want to help you.

Garry Gotfredson, DVM, and Nicole Gotfredson