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Seminars & Workshops Get yourself and your staff on the same page.

The purpose of these workshops is to have all the staff working together, understanding what is necessary from each person in the office, and realistically expanding in the best way possible.

These workshops are for the owner, spouse and the entire staff. They are designed to be attended by your entire office as a team. They cover major areas essential to success. The curriculum includes the following:

* Hats and Job Descriptions
* Management by Statistics
* Organizing Board
* Emotional Tone Scale
* Collections
* Communication
* Personnel – Hiring & Training
* Increasing New Client Flow
* Effective Sales Techniques
* Efficiency
* Ethics in the Workplace
* Leadership Skills
* PR and Marketing

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson, Chairman and Owner of Sterling, personally delivers Sterling’s Advanced Seminars to practice owners and their spouses.

The workshops are scheduled on a rotating basis, approximately every six months in each area listed above.

You will be notified by mail two to three months prior to the seminar, of the exact location, times, and other details, so you will be able to make all the necessary arrangements well in advance.

Sterling Management Workshop -Sterling Client's Drilling at Workshop

Sterling Management Workshop -Sterling Client’s Drilling at Workshop

Every member of your office staff should attend the Two-day Workshops with you to gain a broader understanding of the management basics the office will be using. Your spouse is also welcome.
If at any time you wish to attend the Two-day Workshop outside the region in which you live, please notify the Director of Workshop Services immediately, so he can schedule you accordingly.

While enrolled in the Sterling program., you are encouraged to repeat these workshops. This has proven a worthwhile option for anyone who has had a change in personnel during their involvement with the program, as it allows new employees to participate in the management technology being used by the rest of the staff.

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