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Would you like to have an easier way to train your staff?

The first step toward improvement is finding out exactly what needs to be improved upon.

The Professional Effectiveness Analysis accurately measures staff performance, motivation, competence, the ability to operate as a team member, and six other important assessments you’ll want to know.

If you want to know areas of strength and areas needing improvement of your staff and thus be able to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and competence, have them take this test. A trained consultant will go over the results with you and put you on the road to a more efficient office. You’ll now be able to train and work with your staff in the right areas. This is NOT a personality test. Here’s what others have to say about the P.E.A.:

Sterling Management staff training


“The P.E.A. put me right into action instead of waiting for something to come up. It gave me a lot of directions on how to approach the staff and the training needed.”
– T.M., O.M.

“The P.E.A. definitely motivated me to handle a couple of key positions that needed handling before they became a big problem.”
– R.M.

“I had my whole staff take the P.E.A. and when we combined all of the assessments (graphs) I could easily see what to do in my office to improve it. We now function more as a team.”
– K.W.

The P.E.A Test is not currently available online. For more information, contact Sterling by calling, (818) 241-1144.

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