I Saw a Four Times Increase in Income!

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95-bruce_freedman“I knew I needed a solution to my office management; I knew I had to learn how to run a business,” says Dr. Bruce Freedman, a podiatrist who already had 12 years of practice behind him when he started with Sterling.

“I simply did not have the knowledge and skill to make a practice expand, and I knew that Sterling did have that know-how. My primary concern was to learn how to run an office correctly, so I went with Sterling.”

When Dr. Freedman got into the course material, he was glad he had made the choice he did: “Everything that they did made sense; it was a matter of understanding it and putting it together.

“When I got back to my practice, I started applying a set of formulas steps which cover which actions are really necessary which you can use for the various conditions in a practice or part of a practice. We also gave everyone a very exact post, which is to say a set of staff responsibilities and products to get. And we ensured that each staff member was trained to do those actions and they could do them over and over again, so that there is real consistency.”

What was the result?

“I saw a four times increase in our income!” says Freedman. “Was I surprised it worked that well? Yes I was, to say the least, but the rules of the Hubbard management technology were very definite, and very workable.

“We did lose one lady, who frankly was being covertly destructive. She had been with me for a long time, but when we got down to business and started tightening up the ship, she left in less than a week.

“Frankly, some of the people in the office were a little nervous at first, but after they understood the basics of what we were trying to do as a group, the remainder of the people decided to stay and work as a unit.

“Now the office is fantastic, and although we periodically let people go, other physicians try to hire my personnel. The office is well run; it’s organized; we get the product out; and the patients are delivered their service the way they are supposed to.”

Dr. Freedman has found organization valuable not just for quantity of service, but quality of treatment as well.

“The quality is first class: people travel quite a distance to get the services they get at the offices here!

“And I think it’s great,” says Freedman. “Every day I come here and I love getting people better!

“Sterling helps organize things so you can deliver service with the least amount of aggravation with the business side of the office.

“It’s been a phenomenal experience!”

Bruce Freedman, DPM