I Needed Time and Freedom

By September 24, 2016 No Comments

53-andy_carterIn 1988, Dr. Andy Carter didn’t need more money, but he didn’t need any less money, either. He wanted to take an extensive series of courses, for which he would need to take time off from work, but he needed to be able to maintain his income.

“I knew my practice was not doing as well as it could,” says Dr. Carter, “and I knew about some of the management technology Sterling Management uses. But I didn’t have the understanding I needed to really apply it.

“So I signed up with Sterling, and got the technology.

“Of course, central was management by statistics, but there are some other vital aspects of the training. For instance, there is a system designed to eliminate the useless, non-productive traffic within an office. Once you know what you’re looking for, you see an immense amount of wasted hassle, useless paper-shuffling, and repeated work. Eliminating such traffic is most of the secret of an efficient, productive office, and the Sterling program includes teaching you to do that.

“When I got back I also got job duties separated out and organized, and implemented systems for raising the communication level in the office. And what I learned at Sterling I immediately applied to promotion within the office, and outside the office.”

Dr. Carter got the results he wanted: “Very quickly I had my practice organized and producing so not only could I take more time off, I actually took one week off out of every three weeks, without my production or income dipping.”

Carter Orthodontics doesn’t need to get along without Dr. Carter as often today, but its owner can still rearrange his work schedule when he needs to.

“Sterling is great,” he says, “because they give the knowledge to make your practice prosperous. If you run into snags later, you can always look at the course materials, and find the answer to your situation.

“In the beginning, Sterling’s consulting service includes referring you to the materials which contain the workable answer to a particular problem.

“Mostly now, years later, I can find my own references,” says Dr. Carter, “but I still take advantage of the line to Sterling’s consultants, because they’ve got the best business advisers available anywhere.”