Now I Control the Business – It No longer Controls Me!

By September 23, 2016 No Comments

167-frantyMy accounting practice was in turmoil; we had just finished a difficult tax season, had major personnel issues, minimal growth and no plan. It seemed that I had to work harder and harder just to keep even. On the personal side, my wife and I reluctantly decided that she would need to begin working outside of the home. If we permitted that to happen, additional family duties would make running the business even more difficult for me and the stress of balancing career and family life would be more difficult for her. Something had to change.

Change came in the form of the annual newsletter from Sterling. I had read the testimonials of other CPAs claiming to have benefited from Sterling’s technology for several years and decided to finally request their free DVD.

Ellen and I watched the DVD and felt like the speaker was talking directly to us! All of the problems that he outlined were very real to my business and, best of all, Sterling’s technology provided solutions to those problems. I always knew that my technical skills were excellent; only then did I realize that it wasn’t enough—I was not fulfilling my role as the business owner. Ellen shared my enthusiasm and it was arranged for us to have a consultation. I eagerly enrolled in Sterling’s program.

Well, it had been just over a year and collections for these 12 months were up 40% from the previous year and we added 73 new clients that tax season! Our staff is properly trained and benefiting from weekly and monthly production bonuses. Our newly-hired Director of Communications utilizes weekly staff meetings, the progress board, policy memos, our new website and quarterly newsletters to keep our staff coordinated, our clients well informed and to keep me focused on my role as the business owner. Regular calls from our consultant keep us on track and I now have more time for the high-end client service work that I enjoy. Now I control the business – it no longer controls me!

This management stuff works, folks. I urge you to click here today and request your free Practice Management DVD. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. By the way, Ellen is working outside of the home now—she’s our Director of Communications!

Donald L. Franty, CPA