I’m Delivering More Than Twice As Much Care, And Making More Than Twice As Much Money, and Putting in the Same Number of Hours!

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52-king-rollins“I had not broken out of my mental state since the LA earthquake,” says Dr. King Rollins, now an enthusiastic chiropractor near Glendale, talking about the period before he teamed up with Sterling.

“I had friends who were succeeding and doing well,” he says, “but I was in a rut, like I needed someone to shake me up and get me back on track.” “The truth is, I didn’t feel like I had control over my destiny. With all these HMOs and so on, I thought maybe I should do something else, maybe become a medical doctor. But I like what I do, and I knew that what I needed to learn was how to manage the business side of my practice. That’s what Sterling does, and that’s what convinced me from the start.

“From my first day on course at Sterling, I was impressed that these guys really care that you learn and can apply the material. You can tell it’s more to them than just drawing a paycheck.

“It’s not like going to school, where you can walk out with a ‘C’; and even with an ‘A,’ after having just memorized the material for a test. Everyone can come out with an ‘A.’ Well, you just can’t walk out of one of Sterling’s courses without knowing what you know, and knowing that you can implement it, and that you have what you need to solve your problems. “And that’s unique,” says Dr. Rollins, “among the consultants I’ve seen out there.

“One of the most important courses for me was one I went back and I took separately, called the ‘Professional Sales Workshop.’ While this wasn’t easy, it really turned my stuff around.

“What it means is, when someone comes to a chiropractor, he comes in with all kinds of baggage, baggage about his problem, and baggage about what a chiropractor can do for him and so on. The chiropractor has to care enough about that person to get past the baggage and convince them to get the care they need.

“I can tell you what Sterling has done for me in terms of production statistics. I got into the Sterling program about nine months ago, and if I compare this past month to the same month a year ago, the production has more than doubled!

“Now that sounds good, but actually it’s even better than it sounds because my fees have changed.

“And that had something to do with what is called ‘fair exchange.’ When you ask more for your service than its value, or if you ask too little for your service, either way, it’s not a fair exchange and things go weird.

“A year ago, my fees were higher than now, because I was billing insurance companies instead of people. And I was charging a much higher per service fee. But when I came back from Sterling I sat down and figured out what was really fair for my services, and that’s what I charge. And now people are much more willing and likely to pay me; before, I was collecting about 65% and now I’m collecting 85%. The exchange is much better – when I got the exchange right, things really took off in my practice.

“So I’m delivering even more than twice as much care,” says Rollins, “and making more than twice as much money while putting in about the same number of hours. And of course I could work less hours but I figure I might as well spend my time doing what I love to do.

“I’ve always enjoyed that part of things – the part where I’m treating. Now the financial pressures have been taken off and things are just a lot more fun.

“I don’t see me staying at this particular level, either. I can see continuing growth from this point on!”

“We Now Have a 95-97% Collection Rate”