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Sterling’s Workshops: Real Tools for Your Practice – Chairman’s Message

By February 12, 2019 August 13th, 2019 No Comments

If I were going to gain insight on how to better manage my practice or business, I would have just three requirements of someone:

1. Does the person making the suggestions have himself or herself a business or practice that would be a model of success, or at least what I would consider successful?

2. Does the person operate on sound principles?

3. Can the person show me how to do it or give it to me in simple enough language where I could easily understand and apply it?

Where would I find such people? They are rare in the extreme. I’ve met hundreds upon hundreds of business owners, consultants and supposed “gurus” of management and I can count on about one hand those you could call on, outside of Sterling. We have found “flying by the seat of your pants” doesn’t work well. I’m sure you’ve found the same.

At our workshops, we have three ways for you to obtain the above:

A. The workshops themselves are very enlightening, easy to grasp, understandable and applicable to the real world and your practice. We use only sound principles on the subjects addressed and from speakers who have been there, done that. They are geared to get staff on the same page and the practice owner revitalized and armed with the tech to go back and take his/her practice to the next level.

B. The Million Dollar Roundtable: Sit down with the veteran Sterling clients who have also been there, done that and have 1- 5 million dollar practices and ask them anything you’d like about any subject and they’ll give you their highly successful actions.

The comments I receive from clients who attend this roundtable are commonly: “This is the best part of the weekend. If this was all I got, it would have been more than worth the trip.”

But we give you exchange four at these conventions – which is Exchange in Abundance.

C. So the third and final delivery is from our veteran, expert and highly professional consultants – the best in the world. Any one of them will sit down with you and analyze your practice and tell you exactly why things sit as they sit and what you can do about it. These Sterling consultants fit the criterion of #3 above. They are rare and extremely valuable – again, the best in the world.

Our new workshops are the culmination of over 25 years of experience and we are constantly making them the best for application in practical, real-world settings.

Our new speaker, Chase Wilson has a unique insight into the staff and management world, its specific problems and how to apply Hubbard’s principles like no one I’ve ever experienced. He communicates! He has lots of examples, drills and fun exercises for the application of the principles.

And now what can I do for you? I give the Advanced Workshops, which are open to anyone who has been trained on at least one of our basic courses. As a business owner much like yourself, I will give you insight into why your practice is doing well in some areas and not so well in others.

It’s never what you’d think. If anyone had all of the answers, they would never have problems.

The day I meet a practice owner without any problems is the day I’ll talk to him about new goals, new horizons and new games!

But I’ll talk about those anyway. Everyone needs these vital and essential principles of life and the practice. And there is lots to know!

You’ve heard a lot about the economy lately. Some good, but mostly bad.

At my workshop I will definitely give you my “crystal ball.” You may laugh or think I’m kidding or just PRing you. Well there is one thing that is never PR and that is statistics and conditions. If they are true, they show the state of your country, your practice and your life, and whether you graph the statistics or not, these parts of life are in a certain condition which is ascertainable.

If you have certain statistics you can predict your future with confidence. I’ve been doing it for many years now. If you know your conditions and how to apply the formulas, you can pull any area up or keep it from going down. Some of you may take this to mean I’m only going to discuss condition formulas and statistics. While these are invaluable pieces of technology and I do cover them, I’m specifically referring to the state (condition) of our country and the condition of your practice as regards its personnel, marketing, sales, finances, new business, collections, production and what you can do about these areas.

Come to my workshop and I’ll share my “crystal ball” with you – one that looks at all of these factors. I think you’ll like what you see. I can only assure you if you’re willing to look.

Come and see for yourself. – Kevin Wilson