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Meet our practice management consultant team

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Our practice management consultant team is composed of 11 exceptional management professionals who are dedicated to your success. Each practice management consultant is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the industry.

Our master consultants are ready to help you achieve the practice and life you always wanted.

Senior Practice Management Consultants

Each consulting client is assigned a senior practice management consultant who is that client’s principal point of contact at Sterling. The senior consultant works directly with the client every step of the way to create the kind of practice, and life, the client envisions. The senior practice management consultant oversees and coordinates all the actions of the client’s consulting program.

Specialty Practice Management Consultants

Sterling’s specialty practice management consultants deliver one-on-one customized workshops, specialized consulting actions and visit client sites for on-site consulting programs. Each of ourspecialtypractice management consultantsare highly-trained in their area of management know-how.